Boys on the Inside is a feature documentary film about masculine presenting ‘boy’ culture in US women’s prisons. The documentary focuses on individuals formerly incarcerated in Washington State, telling the stories of their lives before and after prison, experiences of incarceration and institutionalization, and relationships to gender and sexuality in and outside of prison culture.

Produced over a span of nearly ten years, Boys on the Inside focuses on lead character Sebastian Raine as he explores his life after prison where he is transitioning to male, navigating family relationships and finding his place in life. Additional lead characters, Christina and Sarah speak as well to their experiences as Latinx boys struggling with addiction and cycling through the system. Nearly fifteen individuals are interviewed, sharing their experiences of being ‘boy’ identified, or being in relationships with ‘boys’ in women’s prison, and how the shared experience of being in prison together, despite differing backgrounds and futures, is something that marks one forever.

This film is about the life changing experience of incarceration, with the complexity of lasting impacts of institutionalization on individuals, as well as the memories and friendships made inside prison. Boys on the Inside is a character driven documentary film that addresses struggles of addiction, abuse, death, poverty, racism and homophobia, while also celebrating the strength, humor, survival, love and brilliance of these individuals.

The final format of the film will consist of interviews and b-role footage shot on mini-DV and HD, with support VHS archive-footage of interviewees from 1993-present.